Quite often one of my hacks turns into a project, I'm asked to make a thing, or I start something new. Here's some of them, most are lost to the mists of time.


Memrise Prize

Collaboration with UCL and Memrise to see which of five methodologies work best for learning languages. Built with the new Polymer framework.

A Sense of Jewellery

Gallery interactive combining Leap Motion, Sony video headset, macro videography and custom Mac app


Borrow your friend's car without the hassle


Learn to take beautiful images of the things you make

Unicorn Hunt

A magical beast of a job board

Distribute The Future

A box of hackable, educational devices to inspire children about technology

Planned Outage

Everyone needs time to truly unplug


Useful, simple, social event pages

Hire My Friend

Considering a new job but don't want your boss to find out? Get a little help from your friends...


Collaborative data analysis

Help Me Write

Involve your readers in your writing

Crafty Fox Box

A monthly craft subscription box

Help Me Write

Ask your friends to help you write your next blog post


Sell the digital things you make to the people in your network

The Startup Wife

Blog for my wife's perspective on #startuplife

The Data Necklace

A wearable visualisation of your personal data

The Comic Relief Exploralaboratorium

How can Comic Relief make new money, in new ways, at new times, using digital stuff?

Eiggbox - Geek in Residence

Hacking a remote Scottish island

Sketching with Code

Researching cultural hacking and hacker culture


Shoot, share and discover clips of the sports you love

Stories from an Invisible Town

Hugh Hughes, an emerging artist from Wales, explores his childhood


An open data experiment in visualising a year of all public UK film screenings

Change Nation

Bringing social startup ideas to Ireland that have worked elsewhere in the World


Give a single amount each month to charity, divide it up how you want


Record meetings and conversations without attribution

Go Genie

A crowdsourced database of accessibility information for places

The Startup Wife

Blog for my wife's perspective on #startuplife


Visualise two sides of an argument

Manage Places

Enable organisations that own green spaces to manage their environmental responsibilities


A mood diary to help those with mental health issues make their treatment more effective


A "tap tap" game that never saw the light of day


A web video platform to help TV and film professionals collaborate more easily


An experimental record label