Hi, I'm Stef Lewandowski:
technologist, designer, venture builder based in London, UK.

I’m currently venture-building at ING bank’s London lab where I’m exploring a new business idea around gathering and processing data about sustainability in order to help us hit the Paris agreement targets for climate change.

I help my wife, Emily Quinton to bootstrap Makelight and support our community to lead a balanced, creative life.

I’m also have a few interesting side projects. Year of Colour is a data visualisation tool that shows you the colours you’ve used on Instagram and has had hundreds of thousands of folks use it so far.

Attending helps you create a simple page about an event that you are running, without all of the complexity of other event organising platforms.

I work on a variety of projects, and I write about what I learn from the process. I speak at events, make up stories, tweet a fair bit, volunteer as chair of school governors , create mixes, draw monsters, mentor startups, teach and inspire a community of people, to create something every day,

My current go-to tech stack is Next.js, React, Apollo, GraphQL, Node, Serverless cloud functions, Postgres and Zeit Now, with possibly a little bit of Ruby here and there.