I speak regularly on a variety of topics: creating tech businesses, how organisations can operate in a way to support creating new ventures, using "lean" principles, inspiring the next generation to get into technology, "sketching with code", and on my personal journey of aiming to create something every day.

I always aim to be useful, relatable, light-hearted, honest and inspiring. And above all, jargon-free.

If you'd like to book me, I'm represented by Speakers Corner in London.

Here are a few examples:

(Life, Time, Value Conference)

(Starting with a hack - FutureEverything)

(Create Something Every Day - Do Lectures)

I enjoy inspiring people with the things that I care about - creativity, technology, innovation, startups, prototyping, code, experimentation and my work around inspiring kids to be creative with technology.

I aim to speak to as wide an audience as possible by using jargon-free plain English, humour and personal stories as well as throwing in an unusual surprise. Like demoing a live artwork that visualises all of the devices the audience members are carrying. Or basing a talk around three newly invented words. Or limiting my slides to only one big emoji per slide. Or doing my talk in my randomised and risky "deck roulette" format where the computer decides what happens!

When I use slides, I limit myself to either an image or a single line of text. I'm not a big fan of "death by Powerpoint"!

What they say

"He was provocative and challenging at the same time as being positive and inspiring. He fulfilled his brief completely and was very flexible in the lead up to his keynote- flexing the content and checking with me that he was getting the messaging right." – Unlocking Potential

"Stef was great and delivered a great presentation and the audience found it very engaging. he recieved high praise and was a very approachable guy." – Accenture

More videos

Create something every day

Teach Your Kids to Create as Well as Consume Games

Kidcrafters (video)

A 20x20 Pecha Kucha lightning talk (I'd never used this format before!) including how to be a robot dad and how to play with Scratch.

Sketching with Data

Import.io Data Summit

A 15 minute talk about the "hackableness" and malleability of data, and some of the sketchy, playful hacks I've been doing in my spare time that perhaps point towards an opportunity to improve how playful we can be with data.

Creative Mornings

Creative Mornings

An improvised talk about creativity using my Deck Roulette format. A series of randomised slides based on a set of images and slide titles. Whatever the computer chooses next is what you have to talk about!

Hacker News London

Hacker News London

What we're learning by building play, failure and parallelism into the Makeshift process.

Hack, Make, Shift

Open Innovation Conference, Cardiff

An overview of our stage-gate process for evaluating new ideas

Hacking an Island

Mareel in Shetland (video)

About my hacker residency on the island of Eigg

If you're interested in inviting me to speak at your event please contact Speaker's Corner.