Hi, I'm Stef Lewandowski

My surname is pronounced Lev un dos key. You can find me on Twitter and Instagram as @stef and on Linkedin. And I have a recent CV you can read too.

I’m an experienced early-stage startup generalist with an unusual mix of overlapping skills in software development, design, and business model innovation. Throughout my career I’ve sought to discover new opportunities, develop early stage tech startups and overall work to address some of the large-scale problems the world faces.

I currently consult as a “venture builder”. The process usually involves an investor or corporate spotting an opportunity space for a potential new business. It’s my role to hire and bring together a diverse group of designers, technologists, product people, marketers and entrepreneurs. We define a set of constraints within which to search for a viable business model, and then together, we’ll test out multiple ideas using prototyping, customer interviews, desk-based research, all the way up to creating fully-formed digital products.

Right now, I’m helping ING bank in their London lab, to develop new initiatives around sustainability and finance in order to address the huge funding gap for enabling the world to reach the UN’s sustainability goals by 2030. Prior to that I’ve co-lead venture building initiatives to explore business opportunities in a diverse set of industries: supply-chain, logistics, e-commerce, urban mobility, car sharing, data analytics, tech recruitment, culture and more.

I sit on the industrial advisory board of Birmingham University Computer Science and volunteer for tech-focused organisations including the ICE List and Ignite. I'm a Clore Fellow and always interested in the intersection of modern technology and culture. Until relatively recently I was chair of governors of Heber primary school which gave me a great deal of experience of education and governance.

In my spare time I always have a side project that I’m coding on, some of which end up taking on a life of their own: YearOfColour.com (instagram colour popularity data visualisation, 750,000 users, is my current weekend project), Attending.io (Simple, open events platform that I maintain) and UnicornHunt.io (tech jobs, exit to Tiny in 2017) are three examples.

Currently, if you were to ask me my preferred tech stack, I’d say Javascript, React.js, Apollo, GraphQL, Serverless functions (AWS Lambda / Google Cloud Functions / Azure Functions), Netlify, Cloudflare, with a mixture of NoSQL databases and a preference for Postgres when things are well structured.

I’m a father of four living in South London and I live by the maxim “create something every day”, and I write occasionally about how to get life, passion and work all to fit together somehow.

I am @stef on Twitterand Instagram.