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Croft 6
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A hack from my Eigg Box residency.

I’ve been concerned about doing hacks with the islanders where there’s no way for them to maintain the site afterwards, and also where there’s the danger of things “falling off the internet” should someone leave the island or no longer be involved in the history society. That’s a common issue and sites can die unless there’s someone to maintain them.

A good way to tackle that is to do things in the open in some kind of public way.

I’m thinking a Github for History, where histories are git repos and are replicable and editable by others.

Spinto is a great little service that provides a web front end to a Jekyll site and allows people to edit the pages using a web editor, but crucially, each edit is a git commit. So you get the best of both worlds - a database of “tracked changes”, a good way to package up all the assets (images, text) and a simple way for novices to edit pages.

Taking all this thinking, we made a site for Croft 6, a croft on the island that was left abandoned by its owner, and maintained as a “time capsule” of island life. Fascinating place, so I photographed each room, and built a tiny site using Spinto. Camille, one of the islanders is now adding all the text descriptions and historical images, and feedback from her was “it’s very easy to use”. Pricing looks like it will be about $40 per year but that’s not yet set in stone.