Get in touch

I'm Stef Lewandowski

You pronounce my last name: Lev-und-off-skee.

The quickest way to reach me is on Twitter: @stef

I know it sounds silly, but I find it so much easier than email and I respond quite quickly.

Collaboration tools

I use Slack and Hackpad for collaboration, so if we're working together you'll find that's best.

General email: [email protected]

I can sometimes be slow to respond on email, so apologies in advance. Because I write so much code and have lots of live projects running, my inbox is full of automated notifications, alerts and messages. I no longer try to get to "inbox zero".

Heber school email: [email protected]

I have a separate email for things to do with Heber so that I keep on top of school-related messages.

Other things

Voicemail, Linkedin messages, Facebook messages I tend to respond to erratically, so please don't rely on these.